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quality standard british beef, pork and lamb

Specialists in Paleo meats, fish and seafood. Wild, organic and naturally farmed - best nutrients and taste.

Grass fed beef RSPCA Freedon Foods organic Red Tractor Accreditation Quality Standard English Beef Quality Standard English Lamb Wheat Free and Gluten Free Foods Meat and poultry with farm provenance Wild Caught Fish and Seafood Omega 3 Rich Foods


Grass Fed Beef Mince Extra Lean Grass Fed Beef Mince: Extra Lean - 440g Pack

Beef Mince - Extra Lean. The same beef we use for our grass fed steaks.

Price: £6.25
Sale Price: £5.00
Savings: £1.25

Lincolnshire Sausage Traditional Lincolnshire Sausage - 500g PACK

Traditional Lincolnshire recipe sausages made by hand with local pork and ingredients. Pack contains 8 - 10 sausages.

Price: £5.19
ON OFFER: £3.63
Savings: £1.56

Atlantic Salmon Fillets Salmon Fillet Portions 140-170g - 6 x 140-170g Fillets (840g min packweight)

Premium quality, Atlantic Salmon portions, skinned and boned..

Price: £24.55
Sale Price: £12.28
Savings: £12.27

Leg Of Grass Fed Lamb - Boneless Leg of Grass Fed Lamb: Boneless - 1Kg Joint

Leg of Lamb - Boneless. British grass fed leg of lamb. Full of flavour.

Price: £28.75
Sale Price: £23.00
Savings: £5.75

Diced Venison Diced Venison - 400g Pack

Diced Venison - lean and full of deep rich flavour. Great for stews and casseroles

Price: £8.00
Sale Price: £6.40
Savings: £1.60
Ribeye Steak Grass Fed Ribeye Steak Grass Fed 8oz - 4 x 8oz (907g Pack)

Grass Fed Ribeye Steak - reared in the Trent Valley. Tender, and meaty.

Price: £44.00
ON OFFER: £30.80
Savings: £13.20

Rib of Beef on the Bone Grass Fed 2 - 2.5Kg Rib of Beef on the Bone Grass Fed 2 - 2.5Kg

A wonderful joint of Grass Fed Beef! Rib of beef on the bone looks great and you get much more of the flavour through the joint.

Price: £35.00
Sale Price: £28.00
Savings: £7.00
Large Tropical Prawns Large Tropical Prawns (1Kg PACK)

Large juicy and succulent tropical prawns ready to defrost and eat.

Price: £21.95
Sale Price: £15.37
Savings: £6.58

Chicken Breast Fillets Chicken Breast Fillets - 1Kg Pack

Large, premium quality Chicken Breast fillets from welfare audited suppliers. Skinless and boneless.

Price: £12.00
Sale Price: £6.00
Savings: £6.00


We specialise in organic, grass fed and chemical-free meat, fish and seafood. Clean natural nutrient dense food is crucial to our diet to make us fit and healthy.

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What our customers say...

Can't recommend you highly enough .
J Collyer
These are some of the best gammon steaks we have bought.
J Jenkins
The salmon we bought is of most superb quality!
W Wilkinson
Extra Lean Mince... Excellent product, you can taste/smell/feel the difference.
C Maniati
Pork Roast... Excellent - tasty and great crackling.
N Jones