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new fresh fish from Grimsby
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Pheasant Breasts Cod Fillets 8-10oz 1Kg Pack Cod Fillets 10-12oz 1Kg Pack
FRESH! Pheasant meat is a pale colour and lean with little fat and a mild gamey flavour. Fresh Grimsby Cod Fillets. Fresh Grimsby Cod Fillets.
Cod Fillets 12-16oz 1Kg pack Haddock Fillet Haddock Fillet
Fresh Grimsby Cod Fillets. Haddock Fillet 6-8oz Haddock Fillet 10-12oz
Cooked Crevettes 40-60 per Kg Raw Crevettes 40-60 per Kg Chuck Eye Steak 4 x 8oz
Chuck Eye Slow Reared Grass Fed Steak 4 x 8oz
Price: £22.00
Sale Price: £19.80
Savings: £2.20

Medium sized cooked whole tropical prawns. Medium sized raw whole tropical prawns. Our Grass Fed Chuck Eye Steaks are full of flavour and tender - a wonderful combination.
Wild Boar Steaks salmon side salmon fillets
FRESH! Wild Boar doesn't have much fat and resembles a darker and more dense version of good quality pork. Salmon Side - skin on pin boned. Freshly prepared Salmon Fillets boned and skin on
Cooked Crevettes 30-40 per Kg Raw Crevettes 30-40 per Kg Sea Bass Fillets
Large cooked whole tropical prawns. Large raw whole tropical prawns. Prime fresh fillets ready for the pan.
Bream Fillets Sea Bass Fillets Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank 4 x 600g
Price: £28.20

Bream Cutlets - fresh and ready prepared for the pan. Prime fresh sea Bass fillets ready for the pan. Lamb Shank in a red wine and juniper sauce
Wood Pigeon Breast Grass Fed Beef Meatballs Partridge Breasts
FRESH! Wood pigeon breast is a tasty and meaty eat. Pigeon breast is best quickly pan-fried and then served pink. Grass Fed Beef Meatballs, cooked, frozen and vacuum packed. FRESH! Partridge have a mild and subtle game flavour and is best served simply roasted, pan-fried of grilled.