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Buy Top Quality Bacon Online

Buying bacon online from The Good Grub People guarantees high quality dry cured pork that tastes excellent every time.

Bacon is a staple for weekend family breakfasts, so naturally you only want the best! Our pork is sourced from the best farms in the country to bring you the best possible cuts. Reared outdoors in open fields, all our bacon is traditionally dry cured, without water being added to plump up the meat to guarantee the best possible flavour.

Our bacon available to purchase online comes in different varieties including unsmoked, smoked and streaky to suit all tastes and in packs of 200g prepared with care and delivered fresh.

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Bacon Unsmoked Streaky Bacon Smoked Bacon
Traditionally Cured Unsmoked Bacon - 200g Pack
Price: £4.40
Sale Price: £3.52
Savings: £0.88
FRESH! Prime, Unsmoked Bacon reared in Nottinghamshire FRESH! Streaky Bacon - prepared for a  nice combination of meat and fat for flavour and crispness FRESH! Red Tractor Smoked Bacon - lightly smoked and full of flavour