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uk fish delivery the good grub peopleOrdering and buying the freshest fish online guarantees you receive filleted and prepared portions of healthy quality fish ideal for a balanced diet. Our range of fish includes sea bass fillets, tuna steaks and smoked mackerel to suit any taste.

Our extensive collection of wild harvested and naturally farmed fish gives you the opportunity to stock up on the finest fish fillets for you and your family to enjoy.

From wild salmon to swordfish and everything in between, buying fish online from The Good Grub People guarantees a fresh delivery every time. Prepared for your convenience, our fillets and steaks are frozen to lock in nutrition and taste.

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Smoked Salmon Pate Scottish Smoked Salmon 200g Boned Kipper Fillets
A beautifully light creamy pate, with a good strong taste. Finest Scottish Smoked Salmon (200g), long sliced and vacuum packed on a gold foil board. Boned Kipper Fillets - boned.
Tuna Steaks Smoked Mackerel Fillets Swordfish Steaks
Tuna Steaks 4 x 6-8oz
Price: £12.20

Swordfish Steaks 4 x 6-8oz
Price: £16.80

Tuna Steaks - Skinless and boned. Frozen and vacuum packed. Smoked Mackerel Fillets - boned Swordfish Steaks - Skinless and boned.
Wild Salmon Fillets Halibut Steaks Salmon Tail Roast with Lemon and Dill Butter
Wild caught Salmon Fillet portions individually vacuum packed. Rich in natural nutrients. Halibut Steaks - Skinless and boned. Frozen and vacuum packed. A Salmon Roast to share - two salmon fillet tails, boned and filled with a rich lemon and dill butter
Sea Bass Fillets Atlantic Cod Loins Traditionally Smoked Grimsby Haddock
Prime Sea Bass Fillets boned with skin on. Skinned and boned Atlantic Cod Loins, responsibly sourced, and ready to cook Traditionally smoked Great Grimsby Haddock Fillets. Free from dye, and other additives