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Top Quality Wild British Game

Game meat is both very tasty and healthy. Wild game meat in particular is lean with low fat levels. Furthermore, because it comes from a natural environment it has very positive Omega3 to Omega6 ratio levels unlike grain reared meats. And, will have minimal residues of antibiotics or agricultural pesticides. So, although the fat content of game is relatively low, the fat it does contain is good healthy nutritious fat!

Game meat is sustainably managed. Indeed, population control is necessary because of the absence of natural predators.

The variety of game presents a wealth of culinary uses… venison is a tasty an alternative to beef; and, whilst pigeon and grouse are strong meats, pheasant is akin to a rich tasting chicken.

It is easy to over cook game meat because of the low fat content so this makes fast to cook. For some of the richer or tougher meat cuts casseroling tenderises the meat and brings out the flavour.

Because game is a natural meat with few impurities but rich in important minerals, such as iron, and nutrients like selenium and Vitamin E, it is recommended for those following a paleo diet plan.

Our online selection of game includes wild boar, venison and birds such as pigeon and pheasant. Please note that our range may vary through the seasons. Browse and buy wild British game online and have it prepared fresh for delivery to your door.