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Wild, organic and naturally farmed foods. Sourced from family farms, artisan producers and fishing boats
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Grass Fed Beef Mince Extra Lean Grass Fed Beef Mince: Extra Lean - 440g Pack

FRESH! Beef Mince - Extra Lean. The same beef we use for our grass fed steaks.

Price: £6.26
Sale Price: £5.63
Savings: £0.63

Lincolnshire Sausage Traditional Lincolnshire Sausage - 500g PACK

FRESH! Traditional Lincolnshire recipe sausages made by hand with local pork

Price: £5.19
ON OFFER: £4.67
Savings: £0.52

Smoked Bacon Traditionally Cured Smoked Back Bacon - 200g Pack

FRESH! Red Tractor Smoked Bacon - lightly smoked and full of flavour

Price: £4.90
Sale Price: £4.41
Savings: £0.49

Streaky Bacon Streaky Bacon - 200g Pack

FRESH! Streaky Bacon - prepared for a  nice combination of meat and fat for flavour and crispness

Price: £4.40
Sale Price: £3.96
Savings: £0.44
Ribeye Steak Slow Reared Grass Fed 4 x 8oz Ribeye Steak Slow Reared Grass Fed 8oz - 4 x 8oz (907g Pack)

FRESH! Grass Fed Ribeye Steak - reared in the Trent Valley.

Price: £44.00
ON OFFER: £39.60
Savings: £4.40

Connoisseur Slow Reared Grass Fed Beef Selection Connoisseur Slow Reared Grass Fed Beef Selection

FRESH! Includes: Fillet, Rump Pave, Sirloin, Ribeye and our Diced Steak.

Price: £90.00
Sale Price: £85.50
Savings: £4.50
Chicken Breast Fillets Chicken Breast Fillets - 1Kg Pack

FRESH! Large, premium quality Chicken Breast fillets from welfare audited suppliers

Price: £12.00
Sale Price: £10.80
Savings: £1.20

Bacon Unsmoked Traditionally Cured Unsmoked Bacon - 200g Pack

FRESH! Prime, Unsmoked Bacon reared in Nottinghamshire

Price: £4.40
Sale Price: £3.96
Savings: £0.44

Rib of Beef on the Bone Grass Fed 2 - 2.5Kg Rib of Beef on the Bone Grass Fed 2 - 2.5Kg

FRESH! Rib of beef on the bone looks great and you get much more of the flavour through the joint.

Price: £40.50
Sale Price: £36.45
Savings: £4.05


UK Specialists in Grass Fed Meat and Fresh Fish

Welcome to specialists in wild, organic and naturally farmed foods. We have an extensive range of fresh grass fed meat ranging across beef, pork, lamb and chicken as well as fresh fish and seafood. All products are sourced from family farms, artisan producers and fishing boats and, wherever possible, sourced from within the UK.

Our aim is to know exactly where and how our food is caught and reared so we can be certain that we are supplying you not only the finest quality meat, game, fish and seafood but also give you the confidence that it has been done with care, essential when purchasing meat or fish online as opposed to buying in person from butchers or supermarkets.

We feel that our beef range is of exceptional quality, not only is it grass fed beef and 21 day matured but also it is traditionally slow reared. There is no rushing great quality beef. It takes generations of experience and natural slow rearing to produce great beef and steak. Top chefs know this and always seek to serve traditionally slow reared grass fed steak - you can now buy the very same top quality steak online here at

Your order for our meats, chicken and poultry will be prepared fresh and delivered to your door chilled over night by courier in our special temperature controlled packaging. We deliver across the UK and offer free delivery on all orders over £49.

What our customers say...

Can't recommend you highly enough.
J Collyer
These are some of the best gammon steaks we have bought.
J Jenkins
The salmon we bought is of most superb quality!
W Wilkinson
Extra Lean Mince... Excellent product, you can taste/smell/feel the difference.
C Maniati
Pork Roast... Excellent - tasty and great crackling.
N Jones