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Lean & Clean Premium Selection Pack Foodie Selection Pack Paleo Selection Pack
Paleo Selection Pack
Price: £60.00
FRESH! This is a selection of some of our best selling Grass Fed Steak and Beef products all freshly prepared to your order.
This Lean & Clean Premium Pack is designed to be at the heart of your natural clean eating food plan.
Over 27 natural nutrition dense paleo meals: grass fed beef, extra lean mince, outdoor reared pork, large chicken breasts and salmon fillets.
FRESH! Includes: Grass Fed Rib Eye Steaks, Rump Steak, Lincolnshire Sausages and our Extra Lean Mince
Great Steak Lover Selection Pack Connoisseur Slow Reared Grass Fed Beef Selection
Steak Lover Selection Pack
Price: £69.50

Connoisseur Slow Reared Grass Fed Beef Selection
Price: £90.00
Sale Price: £85.50
Savings: £4.50
FRESH! Over 20 premium grass fed beef meals: 160z Grass fed Tee Bone Steaks, 8oz Grass Fed Ribeye Steaks, Grass Fed Diced Steaks and Grass Fed Extra Lean Beef Mince.
FRESH! Includes: Fillet, Rump Pave, Sirloin, Ribeye and our Diced Steak.