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Product Bundles Of Your Favourites

Your favourites put together as bundles and discounted. You will find here special packs of Grass Fed Steaks, Outdoor Reared Pork and Wild Fish & Seafood.

Buying these combination packs will give you a considerable discount vs buying the products individually.

All our foods are now prepared fresh to your order and sent to you fresh overnight by courier.
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Lean & Clean Premium Selection Pack Foodie Selection Pack Paleo Selection Pack
Paleo Selection Pack
Price: £60.00
FRESH! This is a selection of some of our best selling Grass Fed Steak and Beef products all freshly prepared to your order.
This Lean & Clean Premium Pack is designed to be at the heart of your natural clean eating food plan.
Over 27 natural nutrition dense paleo meals: grass fed beef, extra lean mince, outdoor reared pork, large chicken breasts and salmon fillets.
FRESH! Includes: Grass Fed Rib Eye Steaks, Rump Steak, Lincolnshire Sausages and our Extra Lean Mince
Great Steak Lover Selection Pack Connoisseur Grass Fed Steak Selection
Steak Lover Selection Pack
Price: £69.50

FRESH! Over 20 premium grass fed beef meals: 160z Grass fed Tee Bone Steaks, 8oz Grass Fed Ribeye Steaks, Grass Fed Diced Steaks and Grass Fed Extra Lean Beef Mince.
FRESH! Includes: Fillet, Rump Pave, Sirloin, Ribeye and our Diced Grass Fed Steak.